Gateway Card: Quick MicroSD Card Question

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    I just bought the Gateway card and it should arrive sometime next week :) I am so excited, and well are there any tutorials or videos that I should watch so it can make the preperation easier? I am reading about downgrading and stuff, will this benefit me or is it best to just keep it at 9.2. Last question, from what I am reading, I need an SD Card aside from a MicroSD Card? Also, what is the most compatible MicroSD card I can get, and what's the biggest size? I want to fit in a lot of games as possible :b thanks guys and a huge shout out to the Gateway team!
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    If you want to install stuff (cias, eshop downloads), you may need a bigger SD card than the one that came with the console. For future compatibility with N3DS, you may want to get a micro SD, but apart from that, SD cards are really cheap. For the microSD to be used with Gateway, typically up to 32 gb should work.