Gateway 3DS Release 1.2

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  1. Diablos90

    Diablos90 Advanced Member

    Aug 7, 2013

    Gateway Team releases the 1.2 version of their flashcard.

    This new release introduce 2 new functions:

    - Added Hardware diagnostics mode.

    - Added support for iQue and TW (HK).


    GW Trouble shooting and hardware diagnostics guide.

    Due to numerous issues primarily related to third party hardware, as of GW release 1.2 and onwards
    we have embedded a hardware diagnostics and verification routine into the Gateway Launcher.

    This diagnostics mode is designed to:

    1) Reset the GW onboard SPI FLASH. Should fix some "The game card has been removed" errors.
    2) Sequentially test and verify the FPGA, SPI FLASH, and MicroSD functionality.
    3) Stability verification of MicroSD cards. (Inserted into Red GW card)

    Customers experiencing issues with their red card are advised to follow the steps outlined
    here prior to contacting their reseller. Our data has shown that a very large percentage of
    issues has been related to data corruption on the micro SD card. This could be from the
    original file used or poor quality MicroSD/writer.

    For this reason we have provided a 1GB test file that should be written to the MicroSD card.
    If this file is detected during the diagnostics test, the GW LED will flash a hue from
    blue to red depending on the detected read speed (Blue for fast and progressively changing towards Red for slow). The complete 1GB file will take up to
    5 minutes to be verified, at which point the LED will turn constant green.

    To enter into diagnostics mode, make sure you have the latest Gw release build copied to your 3DS sd card. Hold down the "L" button while triggering the "Nintendo DS Profile" entry point. The 3ds will show black/gray screens with wifi / date and battery indicators on the top screen. Insert red GW card and press "L" to start the test.

    Hardware Diagnostics sequence and LED colour meaning

    Test 1. FPGA RED
    Test 2. SPI write test YELLOW
    Test 3. SPI read test TEAL
    Test 4: SD
    Blue = No valid SD data
    White = Fat32 partition detected
    Green = 3ds ROM header found (if you are still experiencing problems please download and write our GW_testrom to your micro SD, for a full read test)
    When GW_testrom is detected on the micro SD, LED will flash hue from blue to red depending on the detected read speed, at the end of a full 1G successful read of the test file the LED should turn to constant Green.

    If any test fails the diagnostics will halt on that test. (So if you start diagnostics and only see a constant RED, this means the FPGA is faulty and you should contact your reseller for a replacement. Constant RED,YELLOW or TEAL is idicative of a non user repairable fault)

    Please note "The game card has been removed" error is most likely caused by rom data corruption, the diagnostics tools provided here were designed to offer the end user a way to verify his/her hardware setup, primarily rom writing, please ensure a full read test is performed using the GW_testrom file prior to contacting your reseller.



    GW Release 1.2

    Hardware Diagnostics and SPI reset GW_testrom.3ds
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  2. Xenirina

    Xenirina Scener

    Aug 26, 2012
    You're quick :)
    The Gateway team seem to email me for some reason... not sure why :)
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    BORODA Advanced Member

    Jul 11, 2013
    It would be much better if they introduced support for nand based saves (AC:NL)
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  4. osm70

    osm70 GBAtemp Maniac

    Apr 17, 2011
    Czech Republic
    Press L to start test.
    So we are running custom code?
  5. Kei00

    Kei00 Member

    Jan 18, 2013
    Excellent feature but I was hoping for nand save support.

    GW_testrom.3ds file CRC: 5636D722 Could someone check it?
  6. Ericthegreat

    Ericthegreat Not New Member

    Nov 8, 2008
    United States
    I think somthing like this only requires ds mode, since its just checking its self.
  7. logon

    logon GBAtemp Regular

    Jun 8, 2008
    New Zealand
    On the note of updates
    Has anyone asked the gateway team if they're working on making the BLUE CARD (THE DS CARD) work on 6.2. If so what did they say
    Thanks in advance
  8. 3DSGuy

    3DSGuy No longer in scene

    May 22, 2012
    United States
    Got the same CRC, btw the "ROM" isn't actually a ROM. It's 1GB of (what appears to be) garbage, to my eyes at least. But it's definitely not a ROM, whatever it is.
  9. Ris312

    Ris312 Advanced Member

    Mar 5, 2011
    Kei00: Yes, I can confirm checksums of the GW_testrom.3ds file:
    CRC32: 5636d722
    MD5: 05874d063a5ddc8b9729eaf068272f0e
    SHA1: a98c4449309fff5fcd663945deba4cbf65a4f927

    (edit: wonder why they didn't compress the test rom file, I managed to get it from
    1gb to about 520mb when compressed with 7zip using a 64mb dictionary size,
    compression would also help detect data corruption as you usually get an error
    message when you extract a corrupted/damaged 7z/zip/rar archive file)
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  10. Green Cat

    Green Cat Advanced Member

    Jul 4, 2013
    Gambia, The
    Bonn, Germany
    GW_Release 1.2: Support for iQue (China) and HK (Taiwan) region consoles has finally arrived !
    The latest Blue card GW_Installer.nds will now prompt the user to select the correct region.
    Consoles from the above regions will need to run the latest GW_Installer.nds.
  11. pasc

    pasc GBATemps official GBA Freak

    Sep 9, 2006
    Gambia, The
    Seems like a reliable team.
  12. Count Duckula

    Count Duckula .

    Aug 17, 2008
    I can confirm the diagnostic mode fixed my "The game card has been removed" error.

    The cart worked for an hour or so, then gave that error mid game, then would give it as soon as I launched a game. Cant say its permanent but so far so good :)
  13. Spzjulien

    Spzjulien GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 8, 2012
    data corruption rom bullshit ... seem the gateway need Reset GW SPI FLASH to work well
    because rom EURO or US like new super mario and mario land 3D was not working for me, now seem working well for me ....
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  14. Spzjulien

    Spzjulien GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 8, 2012
    yeah true but ACNL without wifi feature is useless ...
  15. BORODA

    BORODA Advanced Member

    Jul 11, 2013
    Not really. Wifi can potentially accelerate your town development, but you can do the same without wifi. Only thing that is limited, you can't visit other towns and noone can come to yours. Everything else is fine.
    I'll agree that pokemon, on later stages of the game, needs online features as fighting NPC's gets repetitive too fast.
  16. skarthebloodchild

    skarthebloodchild Keep It Old School

    Jan 13, 2004
    Nice to hear you got it fixed.
    You do the test by pressing the L button and then it does alone the Reset GW SPI FLASH ?
  17. Spzjulien

    Spzjulien GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 8, 2012
    im acnl fan i have 3 acnl games, and 2 x 3ds, i will be lost without wifi feature ... but i will love to launch jap ancl ... but again without wifi ... cant get items :)
  18. Spzjulien

    Spzjulien GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 8, 2012
    yeah before start running test, Reset is done ... but u dont see anything ...
  19. Coto

    Coto GBAtemp Addict

    Jun 4, 2010
    SPI onboard flash verification / repair. Now if ninty even bricks the GW card, you can go back to 4.x and recover it.

    Now, I bet those rushed GW cards out there ended with poor soldering or alpha onboard firmware.

    Now to check if even bricked SPI FLASH can be rewritten.
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  20. Foxi4

    Foxi4 On the hunt...

    pip Reporter
    Sep 13, 2009
    Gaming Grotto
    FTFY. :yaynds:

    As for the update, good stuff, good stuff. I'm beginning to think that it'll be time to buy myself a 3DS soon. :D
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