games stayed after system transfer

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    there gonna be long talk, and bad english...are you ready ?


    after 7 long hours , managed to make system transfer from O3DS to N3DSXL
    both of them in emunand 10.5
    there is Yukai watch but not legit cia and other free eshop games on O3DS , no other games.
    in N3DSXL most of the "legit cia" are installed , but i did format my emunand and went back to emu 9.2 and updated back to 10.5
    i also have Yuaki watch "legit cia" in N3DXL.

    after i did system transfer it asked my O3DS to format the memory , so i did because i don't care about it anymore.

    after system transfer to the new device , it suppose to delete everything on the SD card
    but i got booted up from menuhax immediately after restarting for both device, strange
    so , it's only deleted the hidden emunand section of the emunand?

    in N3DSXL when i booted to emunand i got this message to connect to internet to verify the transfer,i said no then another message "are you sure or something like that" and i said yes
    then it say it not complete something something, and pressed ok

    then , i booted up to sysnand and immediately menuhax start and booted to emunand 10.5
    so , all thing transfer correctly

    but i saw some thing yukai watch in home menu, so it transfer the illegal yukai watch or it's transfer the files of yukai watch and because the N3DSXL has "legit cia" of the game so it got transferred?

    after i logged to eshop i saw all the legit cia games on the sheop "Re-download" option in all the legit cia games
    is it because all those legit cia games were installed on the N3DSXL? but they didn't gone

    i hope you understand what i just said :blush:
    please don't kill me :gun: