Games installed from WAD files not playing through WiiLauncher.

KamenRiderGumo Mar 5, 2019.

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    Mar 5, 2019
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    Long story short, due to a lot of different circumstances I had to pack up the majority of my game collection last year (anything made before the Wii, basically) and put it into storage, but I found I still wanted to play some of my old NES/SNES/N64 favorites - I'd have been perfectly willing to buy them if the Wii Shop was still a thing. So I located WADs of a handful of games (Ninja Turtles, StarTropics, and a few others) and I can successfully get them to play either from the Wii Menu or from my 128GB SD card, but whenever I try to load one of these through WiiLauncher (so I can screw around with cheat codes), the app recognizes that the game channel is there on my Wii but it just crashes back to the Homebrew Channel menu and refuses to load the game.

    I've had a softmodded Wii and The Homebrew Channel up and running for years without issue (it's been so long I can't even tell you how I installed it all the first time, though I think it was the Twilight Hack). I am running System menu 4.3 (which I believe was the last update) and the games I actually purchased from the Wii Shop back in the day run fine with or without WiiLauncher. It's only the WADs I installed via YAWMM that will not work in this manner. My first thought was that it was some cheat code or another causing the issue, but the games crash back to HBC whether I have a .GCT file for the game on the SD card or not. Is what I'm trying to do simply not possible, or am I just being an idiot and overlooking something? (This is VERY possible, as I am not a coder or programmer by any stretch of the imagination and I basically just follow whatever instructions I am given to the best of my ability and hope I don't brick something.)
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