Game & Watch on Switch running perfectly ?


Sep 16, 2016
There is a necro post on this subject elsewhere, but I took things a few steps forward from what was hinted at in that post and met with a brick wall.

Someone on that post, "zerofalcon", said they had the game & watch titles running flawlessly on switch using an android boot.

However, I messaged them about this a long time ago now and they didn't reply, nor did they reply when asked about it on the forum topic by both myself and an administrator so I'm thinking that they might not have been correct in their statement, otherwise I don't really see why a reply would be a difficult thing to supply.

So, has ANYONE got the actual game and watch roms and artwork running successfully, as in working flawlessly with no sound/image lag and at good resolution ?

I managed to get them running via switchroot with android and using retroarch as suggested but, using all the builds and files mentioned, I could not get anything even approaching reasonable performance out of them, let alone "perfection" as was claimed by zerofalcon in the initial post.

I know it's a niche topic, but I would really love to get these things working on the Switch and it's obviously not a question of system power, it seems more to be that retroarch/mame don't really shake hands well when running the games with the surrounding artwork (zerofalcon claimed that the games were running perfectly WITH the artwork/surrounds).

If anyone can resolve this issue or shed some light on it it would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance !
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also i have no idea what would be involved in doing this but if someone could port the current mame release to run natively on standard switchOS so we could run the latest titles (game & watch are a much more recent addition than the current available build afaik) then that would be just amazing and makes much more sense than running in android
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i think the main problem here is most likely retroarch. it would be great to have a mame standalone that runs without it. retroarch is, for me at least, an absolute nuisance and always has been. i know that might not be everyone's opinion but i just find mame itself so much easier and so much less faff and lighter.

the dual screen games would also be great on switch in portrait mode like zelda and donkey kong as you could position the screen vertically and play with the joypad detached.

another amazing thing would be if someone could put touch templates on the games so we could actually play pressing the "buttons" on the artwork, although i would settle for just the main game screen and using the controllers it just has to work properly :-)
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May 16, 2006
I've spent some time getting this working on android handhelds (retroid pocket 2 + and retroid pocket 3 +)

The key is you need to choose a particular low resolution, and then stretch it to the screen size (still looks good). You need specific config files for each game, which I made. Or you can attach a keyboard to access the menu for each game.

When android releases for Mariko, I can try it out.

It works on the t310 chip with 2gb of ram. I would think the x1 is more capable...

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