game & watch ds gallery?

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    Jan 9, 2006
    Nintendo released great game & watch Gallery games for gb, gbc, gba, but we have not seen any real release on the ds yet. I dont count the 2 G&W collection games that has been released on the ds so far. The reason why I dont count the second game is obvious. it only contains single screen games. bah! how can you nintendo? the first one is ok, it contains 3 double screen G&W games. but it not near the fun and excitement of for example game & watch Galley 4 on the gba. that ds game feels more like a demo. I dont count the dsiware as well becouse those games are only single screen games [​IMG]

    I mean cmon. Nintendo released 15 high quality game & watch games in the 80s, it would be fantasic if they could release them in one cart. it hasent been possible on any other format and give those classics justice. im more than happy if they release any double screen games on the dsiware as well.

    Anyone that has heard any news if there will be any upcoming game & watch double screen releases on the ds?