Galaxy S3 Rooting(AT&T with Mac)?

Discussion in 'Android' started by ThatDudeWithTheFood, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Can someone give me some detailed instructions on how to do this.
    I have found some guides but I am not sure if they are outdated or not.
    There is a guide on that page for mac users using Heimdall would that still work?

    Also how do I backup the things he wants me to backup?
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    If it's a heimdall package, it should just work.

    It will trip your "binary counter" (tamper counter). but there's an app (Triangle Away) on Google Play that will fix that.

    You can't back much up until you get a custom recovery installed. Start by looking for a heimdall package with just a custom recovery image.

    You can boot into your recovery image by holding volume-up and home while pressing power. The default recovery image doesn't have the ability to do a backup.

    Honestly, though, backing up is hard to do unless you are rooted to begin with.

    As for your Mac problem, I suggest that you either dual-boot into XP with Bootcamp, or you run a VM that has USB support. (Virtualbox)