Flashcart bricking... Is it a rumor?

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    I really want to start using my Acekard 2i on my 3DS again... But I've been putting it off for fear that it will be bricked after this month's major update. Is that your system will be bricked by an update if you use a flashcart a fact or untrue rumor?
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    There are about 800 posts about this. Nobody knows for sure, but the general opinion is that the 'rumour' is a misinterpretation of a general disclaimer about Nintendo not being responsible for any damage caused by using such devices and can not be held responsible if a firmware update renders your hardware useless as a result. People mostly don't believe that using a flash cart on your 3DS will result in purposeful bricking by Nintendo.
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    Yes, this has been confirmed officially by Nintendo.
    They will also shoot a beam from the infrared port to blind you.
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    Since we're so close to the update, you mind as well just wait 2-3 weeks. The odds of bricking are extremely small but remotely possible. An online ban is definitely possible but still unlikely. Just wait, it won't hurt you.

    Besides, current flashcards are likely to be blocked with the update so waiting will save you the trouble of having to reflash your card in quick succession.
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    I'm sure that like in Europe, in the USA no law would allow Nintendo to brick your Console.

    It's just a rumor.
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