Flash Drive?

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    Flashdrives works used myself while i waited for the harddrive to arrive when I bought Wii u some months Ago.
    I used a SanDisk 64gb but another modell. Worked quite well.

    Worst case in scenario would be lag and longer loading times ofc. I recommend to buy an Y cable aswell and its just as Good as a harddrive. The flashdrive just needs mode power, thats all. They are really cheap and worth investing in!

    Hope you find what youre looking for. Maybe a external HD.

    Got some laptop which you dont use?
    If so you can buy an usbcasing making it and external harddrive! Its also good and Cheap way to get a usable storage device! Just ask if you cant find the casing.Manyppl got laptop harddrives just dusting around. Not many know its fast to make it and usb device.
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    They're nuts. It may give worse performance (If you cheap out) or wear out faster (probably not) but to the system usb is usb, unless it requires usb3 or something, to the Wii U it shouldn't even be able to tell if it's flash or magnetic.
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    Every flash drive I've thrown at my wiiu works fine.

    That said Nintendo don't recommend them explicitly and have no conflict of interest that I know of.

    Many usb don't use wear levelling (unlike ssd) so autosave in particular can end up hammering the memory. They aren't really designed for frequent small changes to files.

    But I really doubt you will have any issues.
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