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    Jan 10, 2007
    New DS-Xtreme OS software/hardware update!

    Hello everyone,

    By popular demand, we recently feature-froze the OS development, and began preparing for release. While there are still quite a few additional features still in development which we had originally planned for 1.1.0, there had to come a point where we said "This is enough!" and put out what was done for the world to use.

    Demand for this update has been high, but we think you'll find it was worth the wait. We've covered some of the most highly demanded feature requests, fixed a few of the most problematic bugs, and implemented some incredibly cool new functionality which opens even more doors towards making the DS-Xtreme the most feature rich and flexible product available on the market.

    Probably the most noticeable change is our entirely new look and feel. While we were fond of our original skin, we felt that it was important to take our skinning engine a step further, and provide as much of a sleek, crisp, clean user experience as possible. The old skin isn't gone forever, however... we've kept it available for posterity's sake, and you can find it in the new skin selection options available in settings.

    While you're there in settings, you may notice the new "Preset Directories" option available there. This is a feature which has been requested time and again on forums, and we felt we would be remiss in our duties if we hadn't implemented it. Enabling this option will restrict the searching for applications to the "Apps" directory only, the searching of music to the "Music" directory only, and the searching of SkinApps to the "SkinApps" directory. This will make search times substantially faster, further improving your experience with the DS-Xtreme.

    Did I hear someone say "What are SkinApps?"

    This brings us to my personal favorite new feature in 1.1.0, Skin-Engine Applications, or SkinApps. A SkinApp is a fully self contained application written using our skinning engine's functionality. Our hope is that this will pave the way for a whole series of DS-Xtreme powered homebrew games and applications, scripted in our expanding skinning/media engine. To help foster development in this area, and to give everyone some starting points to work from, we've included 3 sample SkinApps.... a calculator, an expansive sudoku engine (including the first DS-Xtreme on-screen-keyboard!), and a classic staple of gaming - a pong clone!

    We still have quite a few things in development, and will be releasing updates at a slightly faster pace from here as we finish each item on the list. Keep those suggestions and ideas coming!

    This update brings software version to 1.1.0, and hardware version to 1.0.1.

    As this release includes quite a few skinning changes, it is important to add the "public partition" files from to your ds-x drive after the update!

    Software Change-log:
    +Multiple skin selection/support (Holding B during startup forces system backup skin to be loaded)
    +Entirely new skin!

    +Scroll-bar widget

    -New loading and top screen

    -Cosmetic change to App loading transition
    -Previous (1.0.x) skin is now available as "OS10"
    + "Preset" directories searching option
    + "SkinApps" Skin engine based applications support

    +Sudoku, Pwng, and Calculator examples
    * Instant boot MBR handling bug fixed
    * Instant boot LED handling bug fixed
    * Better eeprom emulation mode detection
    * Fixed an issue with graphics engine display quality (line skipping)
    * Dpad release events are now properly placed into event queue

    Hardware Change-log:
    * Resolved QKIN timing issue
    - Changed default IO state on CPU bus which should help improve reliability all-around.

    + Addition
    * Bug fix
    - Change

    Download the latest updater HERE
    Download the public partition (1.1 skin and skinapps) files HERE

    Now what ppl who hate the ds-x, leto isnt me, its the software engineer!
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    Oct 24, 2002
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