Fire Emblem Fates: Heart Seal Class Swap Hack

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    So this is a hack of Fates that swaps every playable unit into their Heart Seal class line, even when encountered as enemies. Their original base class is available as a heart seal class. Children are swapped to the class line that their fixed parent passes to them in regular Fates. Exceptions to this are Corrin and Kana. If a unit is magically-focused and becomes a physically-focused class, their Mag and Str bases and growths are swapped, and the same for physically-focused units becoming magically-focused classes. Generic enemies aren't changed and promoted bosses that don't have a heart seal class line simply swap to the other promoted class. I have also incorporated DeathChaos's Revelation Unit Buff Patch for Revelation.

    Download Link is here: Heart Seal Hack Download

    Additional Notes

    Installation Instructions quoted from Fishmalk's thread about his Nohr-Hoshido Class Swap hack.

    Also please let me know of any mistakes you run into.
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