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Jun 21, 2019
United States
So this is a hack of Fates that swaps every playable unit into their Heart Seal class line, even when encountered as enemies. Their original base class is available as a heart seal class. Children are swapped to the class line that their fixed parent passes to them in regular Fates. Consequently, children whose base class is not part of their father's class set, like Shiro with Spear Fighter, lose it in this hack. Exceptions to the base class changes are Corrin and Kana, because of all the gimmicks with the Yato and Dragonstone and becoming a Feral Dragon in Ch5. If a unit is magically-focused and becomes a physically-focused class, their Mag and Str bases, growths, and personal pairup bonuses are swapped, and the same for physically-focused units becoming magically-focused classes. Generic enemies aren’t changed, generic bosses simply swap to the other promoted class, and unique named bosses are in a new class line, with their original as a heart seal class option. I have also incorporated DeathChaos’s Revelation Unit Buff Patch for Revelation.

NOTE: YOU MUST USE THE BS FOLDER, ROM1.lz, AND ROM2.lz FILES IN ASSET FOLDER FOR ANIMATIONS AND WEAPON MODELS TO WORK CORRECTLY. While you can use the Promoted Textures Mod, note that some boss animations (Iago, Hans, Kotaro, Zola) may not work correctly if you include the ROM4.lz file from that mod.

-UPDATE 2/27/2022: Changed CQ Ch22 enemy Hana into a Priestess, due to her having a strength stat now. Buffed playable Hinata’s Mag to 5 Mag, 25% Mag, and made him an Oni Chieftain in CQ Ch23. Gave him Certain Blow to cover his lack of Skill, and added Duelist’s Blow to Oboro to keep the theme with their skills. Fixed enemy Priestesses’ capes not appearing.
-UPDATE 2/22/2022: Slight adjustments to stats of named Hoshidans in the lategame Conquest maps. Characters who have been changed into classes with mixed attacker promotions have gotten buffs to Str or Mag, after their initial Str and Mag have been swapped, if applicable. The specific changes can be found in the "Other changes" text file.
-UPDATE 2/20/2022: BR Capturable bosses have been buffed, CQ capturable bosses, most notably Gazak, now scale with growths closer to their playable growths. Kotaro has been changed to a Spear Master and Iago to a Malig Knight. Brynhildr is now a physical dagger, with Leo receiving swapped Str and Mag. Fujin Naginata is now 1 range, with CQ Ch10 and Ch23 Takumi receiving a 1-2 enemy-version of Fujin Naginata. TildeHat's Malig Knight tome animations have also been added, full credits to TildeHat for them. Using newly acquired knowledge, all classes now give a discount on the weapon they are supposed to (Bow Knights will offer a discount on bows/yumi while working in the Dawn/Dusk Armory, rather than on swords like they used to).

-UPDATE 5/2/2020: Capturable enemy bosses are now in other class lines, they are able to access their original class line through the Heart Seal. Candace can reclass now.

Download Link is here: Heart Seal Hack

  • Enemy only classes are not changed, Garon is unchanged in all appearances.
  • Promoted classes can now reach A Rank in their "secondary" weapon type(s).
  • S Rank Weapons are now A Rank so the enemies armed with them can actually use them.
  • Occasionally enemies have some of their skills switched to match their new class line.
  • Fujin Yumi is a 1 range Naginata, might reduced to 11, hit increased to 80.
  • Brynhildr is a physical dagger.
  • Missiletainn is a physical 1 range sword, hit increased to 80 and crit increased to 15.
  • Siegfried and Raijinto are an axe and naginata respectively. No weapon stat changes.
  • Various promoted enemy Nohrians in BR that are playable in CQ have received a buff. For example, Beruka has her 20/9 Berserker averages instead of the really pathetic stats she has normally.
  • Chapter 5 Dark Mages got a nerf because it was stupidly difficult on Lunatic to clear, even when sacking everyone.
  • Rev Ch10 and everything after Ch12, except Ch19, have increased deployment slots.
  • Spiced up Rev Ch15 since it was so boring
  • In some cutscenes some characters are the wrong class, this doesn't affect gameplay so I won't be bothering to fix this.
  • Puissance still compares Strength since I'm bad, so it's basically useless on Effie.
  • Some enemy bosses that become mounted (Iago) have their map sprites bugged and don't have their heads properly displayed. They are fine in battle.

Installation Instructions provided by Moonling:

Also please let me know of any mistakes you run into.
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Dec 5, 2019
i already finish the rom with your instruction via Citra emulator guide from your FEuniverse site but its doesn't work! the weird thing happen are Xander special weapon turn into axe type, i try using heart seal but the class swap do nothing
any idea?

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