Final Fantasy XIII Dissidia: Final Fantasy?!

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Rock Raiyu, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Heads up, Final Fantasy fans. It seems that Final Fantasy XIII icons do appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy, this we learned from Japanese site Andriasang. According to them, players can unlock visual elements from the much anticipated Fabula Nova Crystallis series by using the latest set of Dissidia passwords.

    These new passwords are your gateway to icons heaven for the main characters from the Square Enix franchise for FFXIII, FF Versus XIII, and FF Agito XIII. And then, you can attach these icons to your Friend Card by using the game's Friend Card Edit Mode. However, this is a bit different than those password updates in the past. To get the free passwords, you'll have to access the Final Fantasy Mobile site using your mobile device.

    This makes you wonder if there is other content hidden away in the game..hmm

    News Source: PSPUpdates
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    You are aware that Icons serve absolutely no purpose but to show which FF game you like, yes? No one should be getting this excited over little icons.
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    I have pretty much everything extracted from the game and there is no other Agito XIII content or whatever only this icons [​IMG].

    Someone want to test this code [​IMG] (it´s extracted from the game but i never saw this password anywhere)

    It´s a Special can´t understand more [​IMG] and your friend card colour become gold.
  4. War

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    Dude, this is REALLY old. People have known about this since like a week or two after the game came out.
  5. Devante

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    Well thanks for letting us know anyway, Raiyu245.

    Some of us don't sit here reading every single thread that is posted so we might miss a few. ;>
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