Final Fantasy IV (E) AR codes

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    May 13, 2009

    I've seen that there are no user made Action Replay codes for the european version of FFIV DS. So while a complete newbie, I have decided to try and make some.

    The only one worth adding so far is an item quantity code:

    94000130 fcff0000
    220d7c62 000000**
    220d7c66 000000**
    220d7c6a 000000**
    220d7c6e 000000**
    220d7c72 000000**
    220d7c76 000000**
    d0000000 00000000

    Press L+R and the first 6 items in your item slot become the quantity. Each line ending with ** is a slot, so if you only want a set number of slots influensed, then just take out what you dont need.
    P.S. its best to activate it when not in the inventory screen.

    This should reduce the hours farming for tails, apples, soma drops. And reduce the cost of sirens and stardust used trying to get the items.

    Sorry its not much, but I am trying to get better. Cya

    An update, woot...

    Here to give you all another simple Quantity code, but this time for Key Items...

    94000130 FCFF0000
    220D8266 000000**
    D0000000 00000000

    This code modifies the quantity of the key item in slot one, again its activated by pressing L+R. Again modify ** to your liking, but you will never need more than 4 of any augment.
    Again its best to activate when not in the inventory screen.

    Well, I'm still unable to figure out how to mod enemy drops, but my 2 little codes can give you Multiple tails, apples, drops, for much less work and gil cost, AND you can have as many Limit Break augments
    (or any augment for that matter) you want. But you do have to do the leg work and GET the item/augment to begin with.

    Another Update, YIKES!!!

    Well, I have finally converted an Item generation and an augment generation code. So NO MORE LEG WORK!!!!

    These were translated by me from codes taken from a Gamefaqs forum

    Credit for the item generation code goes to tsujothoj, and credit for the augment generation code goes to Matthewsch75. Here are the codes.

    Press L+R To Edit Your Slot 1 Item

    94000130 FCFF0000
    020D7C62 000*####
    D0000000 00000000

    (0D7C62 is the slot address, obviously adding on 4 will change the slot)

    * = Quantity, #### = Item Code

    Here are some helpful item codes.

    1C25 Dragon Whisker
    1F4B Dragon Shield
    1A32 Masamune
    1777 Ragnarok
    13A2 Gold Apple
    13A4 Soma Drop
    1447 Rainbow Pudding
    1771 Dark Blade
    1773 Deathbringer
    17D5 Spear
    17DC Holy Lance
    1F43 Demon Shield
    2074 Demon Gloves
    1FAF Demon Helm
    2012 Hades Armor
    1A91 Rod
    1A98 Stardust Rod
    1AF5 Staff
    1AFB Rune Staff
    1906 Cat Claws
    1BC8 Artemis Arrow
    1B5F Artemis Bow
    2080 Crystal Ring
    1F4C Crystal Shield
    207E Crystal Gloves
    1FB8 Glass Mask
    1FB7 Crystal Helm
    1FB4 Ribbon
    2014 Demon Armor
    1784 Onion Sword
    1F4D Onion Shield
    1FB9 Onion Helmet
    2024 Onion Armor
    2081 Onion Ring
    2023 Adamant Armor

    And now for the augments.

    Press L+R To generate an augment.

    94000130 FCFF0000
    020D8465 00000030
    020D82** 000123##
    D0000000 00000000

    ** = Key item Slot, ## = Augment code

    Some pre-made slot addresses.

    66 - Slot 1
    6A - Slot 2
    6E - Slot 3
    72 - Slot 4
    76 - Slot 5
    7A - Slot 6
    7E - Slot 7
    82 - Slot 8
    86 - Slot 9
    8A - Slot 10

    And all the augments you would ever need.

    B0 -> Auto-Potion
    B1 -> Omnicasting
    B2 -> Item Lore
    B3 -> Counter
    B4 -> Mp +50%
    B6 -> Piercing Magic
    B7 -> Hp +50%
    B9 -> Reach
    BA -> Level Lust
    BB -> Gil Farmer
    BC -> Treasure Hunter
    BD -> Curse
    BE -> Tsunami
    BF -> Whirlwind
    C0 -> Inferno
    C1 -> Draw Attacks
    C2 -> Eye Gouge
    C3 -> Safe Travel
    C6 -> Darkness
    90 -> Bardsong
    91 -> Salve
    92 -> Hide
    93 -> Twincast
    94 -> Cry
    95 -> Bluff
    96 -> Recall
    97 -> Fast Talker
    98 -> Dualcast
    99 -> Analyze
    9A -> Upgrade
    9B -> Adrenaline
    9C -> Focus
    9D -> Brace
    9E -> Kick
    9F -> Bless
    A0 -> Last Stand
    A1 -> Phoenix
    A2 -> Limit Break

    Here are the tails, you can generate them in the same way. They are Key items not items, having them as items crashes the game.

    D1 Red Tail
    D2 Black Tail
    D3 Blue Tail
    D4 Green Tail
    D5 Yellow Tail
    32 Pink Tail

    The creater says not to enter the key items window as it causes the game to freeze. I have not experienced this, but I have only viewed the key item window, so maybe dont go inside it to use the generated augment. Just generate, save, restart game without codes, use augment.


    Small Update:

    And here's a code that maxes out the power of ????'s Love, just press L+R.

    94000130 FCFF0000
    020D21E1 00630063
    220D21E5 00000000
    D0000000 00000000
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    why not you make an item pack [​IMG]
    so we can get your codes added [​IMG]
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    May 13, 2009
    Will do elixerdream. However how do you make the code so it has options? I dont like the idea of having to do every item for every slot.

    Or shall I just convert the "after battle item" codes that are already in the cheat list. I think I have worked them out now, will have to wait and see..

    And when you say pack, do you mean writting all the codes down in the r4cce08 program?
  4. elixirdream

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    May 27, 2008
    6th Dimention
    what do you mean OPTIONS? like certain key combination will gives you A... ?another combination will give you B?

    you can just post the codes here like how you did? this is a quick guide on adding codes to r4cce and that will ease your personal update