Final Fanatsy 15 Ultimania Guide has more pages than the freakin Bible

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    Dec 25, 2015
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    Square enix has started pre-orders for the final fantasy 15 official guide book in japan .
    here what they included in the 2-book 1,360 page set .
    Book 1 : scenario side

    Price : 1728 yen aka $15.53
    Release date December 28 2016
    752 pages per book

    • Section 1 – Character & World: Information on Noctis and friends, history on the Lucis Kingdom and the Empire of Niflheim, and more on the world of Final Fantasy XV.

    • Section 2 – Guidance: Basics on exploring, summary on quests and subjugation requests, an introduction to facilities, hints for your adventure, and more.

    • Section 3 – Scenario: A complete guide for all chapters of the main scenario. A side-guide is also included to show you more for your adventure in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

    • Section 4 – Sub-Quest: Spawn time and methods for all sub-quests, reward information, and a guide for clearing the quests.

    • Section 5 – Regalia: A look at Regalia body colors, stickers, and customization elements. A full list of music available through the Regalia.

    • Section 6 – Skills: Data on fishing and a cooking list, along with information on survival and photography.

    • Section 7 – Mini-Games: Thorough details on mini-games that you can play in the main game, such as Justice Monsters V and Chocobo Racing.

    Book 2 :Battle plus Map side
    Price: 1,944 yen aka $17.74
    Release date: December 28, 2016


    • Section 1 – Battle Character: Details on Notics’ attack methods and combos, thorough analysis on battle action of the allies.

    • Section 2Battle System: Details on all the possible battle action, introduction to magic purification, and more. A lecture that takes us a step further into battle.

    • Section 3 – Items: Data on effects, stats, and acquisition methods of equipment such as weapon and clothing.

    • Section 4 – Subjugation Requests: A guide on subjugation requests you can take on in all the areas. In addition to information on its reward and habitats, useful advice is also provided.

    • Section 5 – Sealed Doors: Reveals what’s inside the depth of Sealed Dooors located throughout the world. Detailed guide on getting to the end and tips on taking on the powerful enemies.

    • Section 6 – Enemies: Action data, resistance, parts, battle rewards, and spawn areas of all enemies.

    • Section 7 – Map: Everything about the world map, including all areas of Lucis, ship information, item acquisition spots, and more.
    the book also features a complete guide on Trophies and achievments .
    an interview with the battle team,
    a Q&A with the development staff, and setting images.
    It also includes a poster showing a large map of Lucis in a glance.

    the two books come in a set for 3672 yen aka $33.01

    The bible has 1,281 pages
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  2. WiiUBricker

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    Sep 19, 2009
    Meanwhile Apple releases a picture book for $300.
  3. lcie nimbus

    lcie nimbus 100th degree asskicker

    Dec 25, 2015
    Alberta , Canada
    So it SHOULD be obvious which one your going to blow your money on . right?
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