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    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a file automation tool that can automatically move a file to a different folder as soon as its entered into a specific folder.

    At the moment i'm using File Juggler to do this, it does the job perfectly but is not a free tool and when the 30 days is I'm i'm not going to pay $25 to have that privilege.
    I've tried DropIt and Belvedere but neither allow me to make dual rulings, I basically need the file automation tool to move files that are over 150mb but under 3gb as I only want it to move my tv shows and not my bluray downloads.

    I would love if someone could help me out here, but I don't ever really get alot of luck on this forum asking anything about PC's but hey, heres hoping
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    What OS and how instant is instant*? Actually it probably does not matter for the former but the latter may trouble things.

    Also what are you downloading with? If you are doing usenet then various clients should have functionality kind of like this ( ).

    *it might not matter for you but if you are running on the ragged edge when it comes to space and have a nice fibre connection pulling down at 10 megs a second then...

    Anyway rather than watch and move what about run a task every minute and move if it detects what you want.
    On Linux you would probably want to use Cron

    On Windows the task scheduler, its quality varies with the version of windows you are using though fiddling with the advanced option should allow you to select every so many minutes.

    On apple stuff you have a choice though cron reappears, should cover it.

    From there you make a command that moves with file size. Though with windows you might wish to grab something like rather than mess around with serious scripting and for Linux I probably would set up something with instead of trying command line craziness.
  4. yusuo

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    sorry that might of been helpful im using windows 7 and utorrent, basically i have an rss feed to grab all my tv shows automatically, upon completing the download it moves it automatically into a folder called completed, basically what I want is anything over 150mb but under 3gb in that folder to be automatically moved to a network shared drive (my media box) so when I wake up in the morning I have to do nothing but choose what I want to watch
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    You can do it with a batch script. Why don't you have your torrent client to move the completed files directly to your network drive?

    this* might be helpful:

    *this is powershell

    (I have no idea if this will work as I am not currently on windows but) try this:
    MOVE (forfiles /P C:\source\ /M *.* /S /C "CMD /C if @fsize gtr 524288000 mv [USER=146801]path[/USER] C:\destination\")
    You need to tweak the size, the source and the destination. You also need to probably nest another if statement to set the upper size limit.
  6. yusuo

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    Oct 19, 2006
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    cause i do
    Ill give the script a shot, the reason i dont want it to move everything is cause i have 2 hard drives, one specific for blurays and if i set it to move them all it'll move the wrong files as well, plus if i try and do large files while im using my media player it sometime has a habit of crashing, it can handle the small files like dvdrips or tv shows but the 10-15gb blurays it has a problem with while in use so I dont want it moving everything automatically, just the smaller files
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    More about....Robocopy