FFXII Save file converting problem

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by romeoondaline, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Alright guys!
    So i have this problem, and i have been googling for hours and hours but still no real answer.

    So i was playing FFXII and i realized that i wanted to a editor that has been out already. Some of us may already be familiar with it it called "IvaliceSE".
    Oh yea i sold my 2 ps2s and got a ps3 so i only have a ps3 right now to play FFXII, i still have my PS2 memory card and i got an adapter to transfer saves from my MEMcard to my PS3 so i can pick up from where i left off.

    Alright so yesterday i transferred the FFXII Save file (from my ps3) to my USB and i plugged it in and it was like "PS3/Export/PSV/BASLUS-20963464631323030.PSV". So i researched some then i got the "PSVExporter" Program and exported the files from the PSV save. (the PSV was exported in like 3 different files: 1. static 2. icon.sys and 3.BASLUS-20963FF1215)

    Then started up the Ivalice Save Editor and figured out that i had to use the "BASLUS-20963FF1215" file and BAMM it worked. It showed me the hours, the items and everything, and i was able to edit everything. i was Happy to achieve something.

    So the problem is after i edited everything i did. i figured out that there was no way to convert the 3 exported files back INTO PSV. and that's where i need help on. i researched around but i really didn't find any good answers. So if someone would be willing to help or just explain the process, i really would appreciate it. [​IMG]
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