FF12:Revenant Wings *Question Not Discussed*

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    Ive looked through all the other posts of this game and havent found a solution to this yet. I currently have an RIII Revolution Upgrade with a 8GB SDHC card. Ive been playing the game for awhile now. Ive just reached the part in the game where the shops are opened up on the ship. The problem happens when I use the shops but one. I would go into the shop and as soon as I touch or move the pointer, the game freezes. Ive tried it with and without and codes on. I also tried different group releases of the rom but no go. Has anyone had this problem before?
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    Nope never had that problem(but that's because I have an AK2).Try the usual methods like format your MicroSD or upgrade the firmware etc.
  3. elixirdream

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    try run the game with yasumenu ?
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    Did you trim the game? I got a bit further in the game before I encountered a massive bug.


    Much later in the game after you have found out who the boss really is. Its in the temple area a good few levels after the princess and that have joined. Its the level where you have to defeat a bunch of summoned creatures before the next door opens. In mine it refuses to open the final door after all bad guys vanquished. This was on a R4 and the game was trimed.
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