FBI error when trying to install common CIAs

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    Aug 10, 2016
    Hello everyone, hope someone can help me with that;
    Recently I decided to jailbreak my O3DS. My SysNand is 9.2.0-20U, and my EmuNand is on EMU 11.0.0-33U(on Luma3DS). Also,I'm using BrowserHax
    Well, the problem is: I injected FBI into my "Health" app(typical) using Universal inject generator(on EMUnand). The App launchs normaly(FBI), but when I try to instal any CIA, it always returns me an error. I tryed to install TinyFormat, PlaiSysUpdater and even FBI.cia.
    The error reads:

    Failed to install CIA file.
    /TinyFormat.cia(~or the name of any other app~)
    result code: 0xc8a04573
    level: Status(25)
    Summary: Invalid State
    Module: FS(17)
    desc: <unknown>(371)

    Things I have tryed:
    - reinject FBI. Also tryed diferent versions of it(1.4, 2.0, and the most recent)
    - creating and re-creating the "import.db" and "title.db" files, and then, reparing them(tryed on both SYS and EMU nand)

    Well, thats mostly all of it, hope someone will gimme a light here =p
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