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    Hello gbatemp, I'm not from US, and where I live, PS3 prices got to a place where I can afford one. But before jumping into PS3 I'd like to get advice about which model I should buy.

    As I understand there are 3 main models of PS3, the original FAT one, the Slim and the Super Slim. From what I gather I can instal CFW in the FAT and the Slim. More over the original one would allow me to play PS2, and that is a plus that I'd really enjoy. Because I happened to skip PS2 generation. And the wireless controllers are an extra bonus.

    But from my research I found that the original PS3 had heating problems and would sometimes just die. So what would you guys suggest, going to a newer PS3 model or the original PS3? Because from my research I found that you can play PS2 backups on both systems, but on the original I could play the PS2 DVDs directly. So waht you guys suggest?

    Moreover, I'd buy any of those systems used, so is there anything that I should be aware or that I could do to mitigate possible heating problems?
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    Depends are you looking for hacking and homebrew as well or just ps2 and ps3 games with long term dependability. In which if its long term just fun and games you can go for the new ones with no ps2 backward compat but if you dont mind a shorter term (not by much but still a few months and the risk of random death) then go for the older one which i believe is not only cheaper but has the backwards compat your looking for.

    And on that note heres some ps2 recommendations that i loved when i had mines.

    Yugioh capsule monsters and duelist of the roses
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    The original 20/60 NTSC GB models (CECHA/CECHB) had full PS2 backwards-compatibility (or almost, since they inherited some compatibility issues from the PS2 slim).
    The 80 GB NTSC and 60 GB PAL models (CECHC/CECHE) still included the PS2's GPU (Graphics Synthesizer) but the CPU (Emotion Engine) was emulated, therefore reducing compatibility.
    All PS3 models support PS1 games as well as some PS2 games through the use of the PS2 Classics emulator (with limited compatibility), but you need a jailbroken PS3 to be able to use your own PS2 game discs/ISOs.
    Make sure you get a PS3 that can be jailbroken! Later PS3 slim models (including all the superslim ones) are NOT jailbreakable as far as I know.

    In my opinion, you should probably get both a PS3 and a PS2 unless the PS3 is jailbreakable and your game is compatible with the PS2 Classics emulator, or if you can find a backwards-compatible one for a good price. If the console overheats, try changing the thermal compound.
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