Hacking EZFLASH 3-in-1 expansion pack troubles


Mar 10, 2010
United States
So I got my ezflash 3in1 expansion pack and I am going through hell backwards trying to get it set up. I finally figured out that I had to patch the gbaexploader, which I found after 30 minutes of searching, because I have an iTouchDS flashcart. So now I am sitting in gbaexploader, and all I have is a blank screen that says "Initialize...." in the middle of the screen, and nothing else. When I first start up the exploader, is says "The software is now availble" thanks to the IPS patch provided somewhere here on the forums. Then it asks me if I want to set the slot 2 for something, but it doesn't appear to matter whether I press yes or no, as both options return me to "Initialize...." screen.

Can someone please help me? I have been waiting to get this thing so I can play GBA games for MONTHS and when I Finally do get it, I can't figure it out, and there AREN'T ANY GUIDES to the stupid thing that are easy to understand! So can someone PLEASE help me?

For clarification, I have created the two directories in the root of the sd card needed for the 3in1 manually, so that is not the cause of the hanging. Also, there is no "softreset.m3ds" anywhere in my card, which makes sense because I have an itoucds, not an m3. I can't find any other solutions that would possibly help.


I tried using GBAldr by cory1492 to no avail. Patching the NOR works, but when I try to launch the game, it shows the gba logo then hangs at a white screen.

::edit 2 ::
Holy crap! Talk about extreme measures...I had to end up TRIPLE BOOTING m3 sakura, itouchds, and r4i firmware. FINALLY GOT IT WORKING.

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