EZ FLASH OMEGA not working with GBA

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    Hi everyone.

    I bought an EZ flash omega on eBay and it was delivered yesterday. It worked very well since I followed the instruction on the website. But my GBA was freeze when I was playing Fire Emblem. Now the flash cart does not work. No Nintendo logo showing on the boot screen with/without the sd card. I also tried to clean the pin connectors but nothing happens.

    Should I ask for a refund? Are there any solutions to fix it?

    Thanks a lot
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    First of all, if you can find another GBA or other compatible device plugged the card in, to confirm the card can work or not.

    If the previous condition is not met, try cleaning the metal connector of the card and the metal contacts in the GBA card slot again, put 1-2 small pieces of print paper on the back of the card and insert it.

    if all of conditions of above are failed. you can contact the dealer for a replacement or refund.
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