EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe + Passcard v3?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by wilywampa, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. wilywampa

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    Jun 21, 2006
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    I ordered an EZ4 Lite Deluxe bundled with a Passcard v3 off winsunx and they shipped it this morning. Am I going to have problems running things from the EZ4? I saw that today winsunx changed the bundle from a passcard to a supercard, and I read somewhere after I saw that that the new version of the Passcard 3 won't work with the EZ4 because it has a splash screen. Am I going to have to order a supercard or something other than a passcard?

  2. lenselijer

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    Mar 27, 2006
    I heard there are some problem with the passkey3 and ewin2/ez4 flashcarts.

    I've tested superkey version 3,4 and 5. Only superkey 3 didnt work with the ewin2 card.
    superkey 4 and 5 are fine.
  3. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    While it is true that certain nopass devices and/or iterations thereof do not work with the EZ4, Winsunx should be well aware of the issues and sent you a working version.
  4. Phasher99

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    Jul 18, 2003
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    Well... i ordered the bundle from winsunx about a week ago... and im having no problems so far with the passcard 3 they sent me... the splash is quite annoying though =p