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    Mar 9, 2010
    After some time abusing google, guided by my good friend mr Warsteiner i couldnt find an answer for the following concept.

    Are there any usb loaders available that are able to load a folder containing the decrypted game files?
    Such a concept would do what brew like riivolution does.
    (I`m not referring to sneek di/uneek or riivolution, just another type of backup method to use in normal usb loaders)

    In my mind it would be doable to add support in existing loaders to read a folder instead of an .iso, .wbfs and such.
    This folder would contain all the files from the backup in a decrypted form.

    Such a method of storing and loading backups would have several advantages:

    * Files, textures, music are user editable
    * The limitation of fat32 might be avoided since the actual files in the iso are usualy less then 4 gb
    * No decryption by the loader would be needed which would result in faster loading
    * No empty sectors, only the actual data would be present (allthough i can imagine the need for some kind of file describing a specific disc layout to the loader)

    This is just an idea that popped in my mind, I was just wondering what the 1337 haxors @ gba think of this.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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