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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Ok for the past 4-5 months I've been working on a project called (Operation ROM) I've been going CRAZY finding mechanics, all the damn items, all downloads, and all info on ROMS. Anyway I need help with one thing. See I've got a 8GB MicroSDHC and I ordered a CycloDS & EZ-Flash 3-In-1. I want to add GBA AND NDS ROMS to my CycloDS. But I also want to add MP3, Movie Files, and Homebrew. What should i do and is this enough? Lastly when i save a game does it make another file? What do i do please help me someone. [​IMG] PS-does the cyclo need a program to rungames or any thing and i have windows pro and 2k.
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    Drag and drop everything onto the microSDHC.

    Movie files need to be converted to .dpg, and to play them and music you'll need moonshell.

    Saving does make another file, but they're small (512kb usually).

    No, the CycloDS doesn't NEED any software, but there are rom managers that work with the Cyclo and other cards.