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  1. Kaptain Kek

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    Jul 21, 2014
    So, in 2012 I bought a flashcart from r4isdhc.com, the RTS one. That one is the original. It had not been working for a long time. So recently I decided to try out the latest firmware for the cart, but as you can see on the site, there now is a 2015 version of the flashcart. I tried downloading the latest firmware for the cart (9.4), but when I went to update it on a DS lite, it told me I needed the latest update!

    So explain to me, GBATemp. What did I do wrong, how can the 3DS detect which sticker is on the flashcart? The hardware is the same right? Isn't it all about what's in the Micro SD? What prevents me from using the firmware from another site?
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    Dec 13, 2013
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    Something something Hardware.getYearVersion() something something.
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    Well that site will not load for me. I will let some more experienced veterans determin if it is the original one or not. I don't thinks so from what I recall. I have the r4ids.cn version so I am not really familiar with that one. Mine works just fine.

    You say they have a 2015 version of the cart but you think it is the exact same hardware? Interesting. Why would they have a 2015 version if it is the same as the original 200x version? Marketing pukes gone awry?

    I take it you put the firmware for the 2015 version on a 2012 version and can't understand why it won't work? Do I have that right?

    MT Card is a clone of the Gateway so Gateway software should work just fine on the MT, right? I am sure no one has had any problems doing that. :)

    As I said I do not claim to be an expert but are you absolutely sure you have the cart manufactured by r4isdhc.com? The RTS one? The reason I ask is I have the RTS one and it is from r4ids.cn, says so on the sticker and works perfect on 9.2 sysnand.

    Anyway, you might want to post over in the DS sub as they might have more accurate answers for you.

    Good Luck.
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