Ewin Expansion pak, share me some knowledge please!

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    Jan 31, 2009

    Could someone spare me some spare info about the Ewin GBA expansion Pak? I was thinking of getting a slot-1 card and a slot-2, but I read a DSTT pack gives you an eWin GBA expansion pack.

    What can this pak do? I've read the article but needed it simplified. What's real time save? I mean, can I still make saves? Someone please tell me (if possible, from experience) the good and bad things about ewin GBA expansion. What does it mean I only load one game? Some clarification? If I put 5 GBA games in my MicroSD and put that into slot-1 card, can I only choose one game? Or what? Seeing the slot-1 coming from DSTT with a GBA expansion seems very handy, and I wouldn't need to buy a seperate slot-2, but really, can I save, what can I do? I don't really need cheats, just basically playing GBA games nicely and being able to save.

    And, will the eWin expansion GBA pak work with a 2GB Kingston MicroSD and DSTT slot-1?

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    I happen to have an Ewin expansion pack. The DSTT dosen't support the expansion pack it comes with. You have to load YSmenu onto your TTDS to have integrated ram pack support. The Ewin ram pack dosen't have NOR memory so you can't load a GBA game and use it as a stand alone card. This means you have to load the GBA game from your slot one every time you want to play it. Loading it is good so this isn't a problem. The ram pack can hold only one game at a time but you store all your GBA games on your slot one. The slot one will temporarily load the GBA game onto the slot 2's psram where it will play the game like a real gba cart. You get no cheats or real time save. The ram pack is only to play GBA games and you can use the ram for various applications like the opera browser.

    My advice is to get an EZ-3in1 rather than the Ewin expansion pack. The EZ is better and more widely supported. As for the TTDS DSTT, I think you'd be much better off with an Acekard. While the DSTT is nice if you load YSmenu the TTDS is not really supported any more. I'd say the Acekard loaded with Akaio and the EZ-3in1 or the M3 real with the expansion pack are both better options.