1. xjenova

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    Dec 27, 2007
    I am desperately seeking information about the following:

    AGI UP: what exactly does it do? Does it make your character faster or does it just raise your chances to evade an attack?

    LUC UP: I read somewhere that this stat is great for the hexers since it raises the chance of inflicting curses on enemies. Is this true? Also, does this stat also increase your chance of dealing a critical hit? What else is this stat good for?

    TEC UP: this one is driving me crazy. As the name implies (at least i think so), this should improve the potency of spells. Does this stat also increase the damage that other classes do with their different non-elemental(fire-volt-ice) skills? For example, does a ronin with the midareba skill (the one that hits an enemy multiple times) does more damage with higher tec points? I also read elsewhere that TEC UP increases accuracy for the gunner but is this also true for other classes?

    Any help appreciated. I am now on floor 9 in the game and i wish to be more knowledgeable about what stats do. I have tried really hard to find the answers to these questions but i can not find them anywhere.
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