"Error Occurred" in Pokémon Omega Ruby, sango-1 0xd900458b. How to fix? Please help!

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    Sep 1, 2018

    It's been over ayear since I started getting this stupid error. I get it all the time: right after flying somewhere, while walking or surfing, while looking at my pokemon box. I literally can't play the game.

    The game runs on an original cart. The savegame was just slightly modified using PKSM as pokemon bank and I use JKSV to get the save. Any other game works flawlessly on my 3DS, but this game always crashes, giving that kind of error, on all 3 3DS that I own, 2 of them being on the latest luma version.

    It's basically this:

    An error occurred (ErrDisp)

    Error type: generic
    Process ID: 39
    or 41 or 50
    Process name: sango-1
    Process title ID: 0x000400000011c400

    Address: 0x0012884c
    or 0x0036f224 or 0x00135adc
    Error code: 0xd900458b

    Press any button to reboot

    Does anyone have any idea on why I get this error and how to fix it? On my 2nd 3DS I used my save on a omega ruby .cia and it looks like the error is not there anymore... So it's probably my original cart that's causing the error. Is there any way to fix it or not?

    Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help (:
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