Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion 3DS Announced

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    UPDATE- This is no longer a rumor, Nintendo Power has now confirmed that a 3DS Epic Mickey game is indeed coming, alongside the Wii sequel. Information about it will be in their next issue. First leaked by Nintendo Magazine France's Twitter, it is said to be a sort of "spinoff" of Epic Mickey 2 on consoles. Titled Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion, it's also stated by the magazine to have "2D elements", which may indicate partial sidescrolling (the title reminds one of the old Illusion series (like Castle of Illusion) from the early 90's Sega consoles. The original on Wii certainly had a number of sidescrolling levels, perhaps the 3DS sequel/spinoff will have a greater emphasis on these segments (or even be sidescrolling only). The 3DS game is being developed by Dreamrift instead of Junction Point (makers of the console version). Dreamrift previously developed the DS game Monster Tale (and is composed of some of the people who also worked on Henry Hatsworth).

    Thanks to heartgold for the USN!​

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