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    As far as I know there is no version of yawmm that works with new Wiimotes. In fact the only wad manager I know about that does is included in Wii Mod.
    But I for one like yawmm, so I tried recompiling it. Only to find that it wouldn't work without quite a few changes. But there is a german, that actually has quite a few enhacements, that will.
    So I back-translated it to english and recompiled that one with the newest libogc = profit.

    You can find it here: http://filetrip.net/dl?CJXqbOEFNg
    Source is included. So have fun with that... or not. :D

    I did not take much time to change the graphics. So if somebody wants to play with that, background.png and icon.png are included.

    There are quite a few new features in this one. Keep in mind I did not write any of them, I just did the translation. hamachi-mp wrote them. See here: http://forum.wii-hom...utsche-version/

    new features include:
    - HW_AHBPROT support, no need for cIOS
    - setting which IOS the channel you are installing will run on
    - setting if the channel you are isntalling has the HW_AHBPROT flag
    - setting if the channel has parental control enabled
    - will create keys.bin on your SD card. So if you screw up royally while installing wads, somebody with an infectus can fix your Wii.
    - support for new wiimotes

    and ofcourse all the old yawmm features are still in there.
    Have fun.
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