emuNAND - restoring SD card data, delinking

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    I've setup emuNAND and updated it to the latest firmware. I also updated Smash Bros to the latest version, and the update works even in SysNAND.

    I'd like to do 2 things:
    1. Restore the data that was on my SD card from a backup
    2. Delink my emuNAND from my sysNAND
    In regards to restoring the SD card data, I would imagine it simply involves dragging the backup into the SD card root and merging the two folders. Problem is, the backup I made is about 1.2 GBs, but after formatting the SD card to create the emuNAND partition, only 851MB are available on "GATEWAYNAND".

    I have larger SD cards, I just didn't think to swap the card my DS came with. If I use a larger card and merge the folders, will that restore the data on my SD card? Or will I need to setup EmuNAND all over again with the new card?

    As for delinking: It seems simple enough, but I'm getting mixed signals from different guides. This one advises to format EmuNAND:

    This one advises the opposite:

    And finally, the Maxconsole Gateway guide doesn't mention delinking at all. Which one should I format?
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    1)format emunand again on a different SD and just copy the files over, it will work fine.(of course you will have to update to 9.4 again)

    2)with delinking all you have to do is format the sysNAND and then click on your miiverse on sysNAND and log back in.

    edit: with this one it really depends, but when you format sysNAND and reinstall any bought games on emuNAND it will restore your saves anyways, so you don't have to worry about losing this. I pretty much do everything on my emuNAND now because I decided to downgrade back to 4.x