Emulation/App PSP Questions?

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Darkforce, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Right, I've got my PSP sorted and have 3.03 OE B on it (w00t!). Now I'm looking at the emulation side of things. psphacks and other places have a lot of emulators on but they doesn't say which ones are any good. If anyone could give me an idea of the best emulator for each system... so best NES, SNES, MD emu etc... Also I see cool stuff like an N64, MAME emus etc... are they worth bothering with?

    Oh and are there any good media players out there? Any that play divx/xvid? I remember one news site saying that there was a media player that allowed playback of videos in full resolution in conjunction with Dark Alex's new firmware, PMP or something maybe?

    And whilst I'm here if there's anything else awesome out there I'm missing out on?

    Cheers, I'm such a PSP n00b! [​IMG]
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    Check out this link for all the best emulators on PSP, it tells you what it emulates as well:


    The download links are down and the versions may not be the newest versions, but it's a clean list of the best emulators right now on PSP.

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    Don't forget one of the best emulators of all which is popstation. Full speed Plaustation One games with compression, full sound and configurable keypad.
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    the psx emulation scene made me glad I have a psp. now I need more time to play it.