Question Emmc backup with SX OS auto rcm enabled?

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  1. Wombo Combo

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    I did the following
    Backup Emmc Boot 0/1
    Backup Emmc Sys
    Backup emmc Raw Gpp

    Is this enough to restore?

    But I have auto rcm enable from the SX OS payload if I ever have to restore can I just do it and boot the SX OS payload and click uninstall auto RCM and will that bring it back to normal?

    Just wondering if I need to uninstall auto rcm before backup if it is completely necessary.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Draxzelex

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    That's all you need in case you get bricked. However, AutoRCM has nothing to do with saving you from a brick. AutoRCM actually "bricks" your console so it boots into RCM automatically (get it?) meaning you don't need to use a jig to boot into RCM. Installing/uninstalling AutoRCM will just change your boot0 backup as AutoRCM alters that to "brick" the console. If you installed AutoRCM before the NAND+boot0/boot1 backup, it'll install AutoRCM again when you restore the NAND. If you didn't install AutoRCM before the NAND backup, then it'll remove AutoRCM when you restore the NAND+boot0/boot1.