EFA 512 Simple and Gameboy Micro

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    Jan 8, 2008
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    OK, so after finding out that the EFA 512 I was getting didn't have a RTC, I was a little skeptical. I got it today, got the driver installed, used the EFA Client v.1.00 that I have to use since I have the EFA Simple, only to flash it and put it in my Gameboy Micro and find that it DOESN'T EFFIN' WORK!!! [​IMG]

    I called JANDAMAN to find out wtf, and he said he's had a number of customers calling about the same problem. That's kind of a BIG problem.... I would at least mention an incompatability like that on the product discription. HAS ANYONE GOTTEN THE EFA SIMPLE 512 TO WORK ON A MICRO????

    OK.... calmed down

    So I took it out, put it back in, and it worked.... wtf. I am a total tard.


    The cart works great, can't complain. The client software is pretty janky, anyone know what size bmp you can use as a background for the EFA loader?