Editing scripts in Hgss?

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    Nov 21, 2011
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    I'm using PPRE to edit scripts in Pokemon Soul silver, I'm trying to make the player's starting location in red's room in Kanto and to make an event when the player first walks into grass professor oak will stop you and bring you back to his lab, anyone know if/how i'd be able to do this? (Like this- http://www.pokecommu...ad.php?t=242074 ,look at screenshots)

    Edit: When I go to PPRE, (Once i've loaded up the rom) I click "Maps" then I delete the scripts in the top floor of Red's house. Then I copy and paste the scripts from the top floor of Ethans house in New bark town into the top floor of red's house in pallet town. Then I delete the scripts from new bark town. Then I save. But when I save, whenever I click on a different map and go back to the scripts in pallet town, they're the same as they were before I edited them...
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    Is it possible to make a script where an overworld trainer gets the whole, "if you walk in front of his line of sight he gets an exclamation mark and moves forward" sort of thing? I can't use any existing script as an example because they don't show up in PPRE and the actual trainer eye thing on the overworlds manager doesn't appear to work by itself D:

    Oh, and is there anything like the checkgender script in ADV? I know DoubleMessage can let you put different text dependent on gender, but I need something that'll ideally let me do more i.e. if Gender is X, do battle Y, else do battle Z and stuff. I can't think of any instance in HGSS where gender is checked aside from text or the Ethan/Lyra OW sprite, neither of which give any insight, so...
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    ^ I know I'd like to know that... =P