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    I'm currently on 3.55 kmeaw and i want to transfer a copy of Red Dead Redemption (BLUS30418) to my PS3. But i heared a lot about original eboot.bins and patched .bins and i'm not sure what i have to do. Can i just install the game? Is a patched .bin not working with kmeaw and will their be support in the future? Maybe someone can clarify all this stuff about eboot.bin files?

    Edit: This is the release i use : "Red_Dead_Redemption_USA_JB_PS3-HR"

    Can i install this one without problems or need i a different eboot.bin for this one?
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    you don't know until you try [​IMG]

    RDR Works with or without eboot.bin modifyed (or its modified?)

    Sorry my english sucks, i'm latin spanish
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    saludos compatriota [​IMG]

    only games like GT5 or NFS HP needed a modified eboot, so any game u ran normally it should run on that CFW, they have the original EBOOT, try different game managers, some has an auto lvl2 patch, or u could use a normal manager and use the lvl2 patch (v4).