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    Region free.

    Mixed martial arts has seen something of a meteoric rise in recent years to become one of the most popular martial arts based sports among the pay per view/TV watching/ringside crowd. While the rise is probably not without reason the games to follow it have not always been shining examples of the fighting genre, much like many of the MMA games before it this aims at the simulation rather than your daddies arcade button masher (fans of such games seem to be directed towards UFC from THQ) and similar to the controls of fight night or skate the action revolves around the analog sticks. Those that care about such things might be troubled by the lack of characters (something I am to understand came about as a result of politics) and as it is EA you can expect the DLC up the roster.


    E3 gameplay video (starts properly about 40 seconds into it)

    REGION FREE! go crazy.
    EA SPORTS MMA brings the authenticity of the worldÆs most intense combat sport home like never before. Choose from the worldÆs top fighters or climb the ranks of the worldwide circuit with your created prodigy to become the ultimate MMA champion. Travel the globe and learn a multitude of fighting techniques and skills from masters in each discipline. Select from various weight classes, rule sets, and take on all challengers in multiple cage types or a ring. The challenge continues online with the most robust offering for any MMA videogame, including the ability to create and share custom fighters, prize fights, and more. Are you ready? LetÆs get it on!