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    I've been hunting google (and dodging malware thanks to a disposable VM) trying to find a utility called GBAMP by DarkFader and tepples so I can dump my GBA bios.
    I am aware of the SRAM method but it is unsuitable for what I am trying to accomplish, a DLDI compatible utility is preferred.

    Does anyone still have this utility? Literally every link I can find is dead...

    And before anyone says I can just download one, I'd rather dump my own bios from my own hardware to a file that I know is a bit-perfect match of the original for educational purposes. Also it's illegal.

    Thank you!
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    I am not aware of a utility by that name and GBAMP is the name of a flash cart, one very popular among homebrew developers on the GBA, so I doubt Darkfader or tepples (both well versed developers in GBA stuff) would name a tool that.
    If it is not on their sites ( http://www.darkfader.net/gba/ and https://pineight.com/gba/ respectively) then it likely does not exist, the second is missing a couple of things by way of the tetris game lockjaw and a music player for the GBA but no BIOS tools that I am aware of.

    Equally I have not seen a GBA BIOS dumper with DLDI. The DS version of the GBA BIOS (basically the same and same in the ways that matter -- http://problemkaputt.de/gbatek.htm#dsbackwardscompatiblegbamode ), however I am not sure if it is dumped by the DS BIOS dumpers of which you have a couple of options for DLDI enabled dumping tools ( http://www.cryptosystem.org/archives/2007/02/libfatdldi-enabled-ds-bios-dumper/ http://filetrip.net/view?4WyqHhBcP8 ).

    "bit-perfect match"
    The hashes for it are well known.
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    I'm not entirely sure what it was called, but I have a .gba file that dumped my GBA BIOS and worked with my SuperCard SD. I'll see if I can fish it out if it'll help.

    EDIT: Found it in my downloads! "gbamp_bios_dumper.zip" I'll upload it for you :)

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    This will work with EZ4. Just run it through your patcher to create the save file. It wasn't exactly designed for it, so you might get screen glitching, but once it goes green, it's done, so you're free to restart the GBA to dump the save to your SD. The save file will be the BIOS, though it will be too large. Half of it will be blank data. Just go in with a hex editor to remove the blank data at the end, which should be half the original size by the time you're done. Then just rename it to something like "GBA_BIOS.bin" and you'll have your own clean BIOS ready for use.