Hacking DSTWO+ "an error has occurred..." on DSi DSLite


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Apr 18, 2014
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I got one of these recently because they're cheaper and easier to find than the original DSTWO.
It seemed to work fine, just like the old DSTWO for a while but then I noticed something really strange:

If I power down and start up again within a few minutes, I get the dreaded black screen with that unhelpful message when I tap old Alex Rider. If I wait a while, leaving the system off, and try again, it usually works no problem.

I've tested this in a DSi and a DS Lite: whenever I turn off and restart, I get the error. A couple minutes isn't long enough and rebooting doesn't seem to help once it starts throwing "an error has occurred." But waiting a while longer fixes it?!

After clicking Alex Rider, there is a slight screen flicker when EOS loads properly. When it's going to crash, there's no flicker and it goes straight to the black error screen.

I have not done any updates/flashes whatever on this card because I do not care about the hacked Gateway emulation mess. I just downloaded the DSTWO+ EOS stuff from the supercard site. For whatever reason, the start menu's help screen says DSTWO 1.11 which is less than the version number the person who zipped it thought it was: "DSTWO_PLUS_v1.14_eng.zip"

I'm reluctant to even test in 3DS because of all the rumors about brick code and I use Gateway.

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