Hacking DSTT NDS Backup Wifi Tool upload issue


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Feb 9, 2009
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Hello all - new member here - having a weird problem with my DSTT and the NDS Backup Tool Wifi - I'm guessing everyone knows what that is? It allows you to transfer files from your DS cards onto your PC.

I've been transferring all my original DS games onto the DSTT - I usually take downloaded versions of the games and upload my own sav files from the original cards. Uploading the games themselves is extremely slow.

Anyhow, this worded perfectly for about 20 or so games, except for Final Fantasy IV. When the game starts up (booted from the DSTT) it always tells me it's initialiting sav file, and it erases my sav file and I have to start a new game. Since I've played the game and am saved right at the final battle, this is kind of annoying! I noticed that my uploaded sav file was 256k and the one that the game was erasing it and replacing it with was 512k. I tried padding the file with destructobot's tool I got from this website, and I also tried converting it to a different format etc, but no difference.

Then I figured I'd try uploading the original game and see if that would make a difference, and then I noticed something weird - the NDS Backup Tool Wifi reads my original Final Fantasy IV game as being only 8M - meanwhile the downloaded version is 128M which makes alot more sense. When I tried uploading the game, it's 8M and it doesn't work at all.

Why am I reading 8M instead of 128M on the original card itself? Why is my save file 256 instead of 512k? Why is it only with this game? Is this a form of copy protection?


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