Dsiware issues

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    Long story short my system transfer did not work correctly, is there any way to modify the dsiware bin file on my pc and transfer back to target n3ds system storage, or am i screwed until my 7 days are up?
    Also should mention that I do have another 3ds with cfw if it's possible to install the dsiware .bin file and modify it there and then manually transfer it back to the target
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  2. Quantumcat

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    If the system transfer went through, you can restore the pre-transfer backup on the source console, on the source console move the DSiWare to the SD card, then put the SD card in the target console and move DSiWare to system memory. This is possible because the system transfer allows both the pre-transfer source and target to read from the same Nintendo 3DS folder.

    If the transfer did not go through, then you shouldn't have to wait seven days.

    As far as I understand it, a system transfer is an atomic process - either it completes or it doesn't happen at all (excluding user mistake factors like taking the SD card out of the source before the transfer etc.)