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    AiRace Tunnel review
    genre: action/flying
    accompanying game for "AiRace"
    price: 200 DSi points

    game summary:
    Airace tunnel is a game of obstacle-dodging.
    your airplane is thrown into a tunnel with moving walls, and laser fences, and you need to dodge them untill you make it to the end of the tunnel.

    the controls are comfortable, you have the option of button play or touchscreen.
    with button play you steer with the D-pad, and fly on your side with Y/A(helps when dodging obstacles)
    with touchscreen play you steer like with starfox, the further to the edge you tap the faster you steer, while the Dpad can be used to fly on your side.
    the game starts out quite slow in the easier tunnels, but as you progress in the game you get up to almost unmanagable speeds which really test your reflexes.

    overal content isn't much, 6 tunnels in progressing difficulty and a different airplane for each tunnel.
    the "story mode" (the first 5 tunnels) is finished quite quickly, however the 6th tunnel is special.
    in the 6th tunnel you can choose which section you start in, however unlike the other tunnels there's an unlimited amount of sections.
    this 6th tunnel is really what the game is all about, you get to fly at much higher speeds, and need much faster reflexes.

    the graphics are ok, but you can't expect much more from a DSi screen.
    the graphic style is a mix between cartoon and realistic, with bright colors but more realistic style airplane/spaceship designs

    the game is fun if you like moving fast in games, but it's rather short.
    still a good deal, considering it's only 200 points.
    and if you like it, you might also like AiRace.


    note: any prices mentioned are for the European version of the game, other regions may have different pricings.