Dsi top screen problems.

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    I had questions about an old DSi I had. I was on vacation at split rock resort. me and some friends had pushed up some hotel mattresses and air mattresses against a wall, we then would climb on a small luggage cart and Jump onto the top mattress and slide down. One person hit their foot on a lamp. They knocked it over onto my DSi and since then it has had some strange screen problems.
    When I went to check on the DS it had what seemed like a ton of dead pixels sorounding the top screen, but it was clear enough that I can play games on it. The next day I opened it and there were a couple of lines leading towards the center of the screen, the lines also black as if the dead pixels were some kind of goo that had leaked down the screen over night. I hadn't played it for a couple days, since we were on vacation. The next time I played on the ds the lines leaking down were gone and some lines leading in from the sides to the center were there, the previously thin sides of the black 'frame' had also gotten thicker while the top and bottom got thinner. And every day I played it the dead pixels would look different, sometimes there would be more and sometimes there would be less. This DSi has since been stolen so I can't provide anything more than maybe a few pictures that I may be able to dig up off an old phone or my DSi XL. Is this some kind of issue with the cables in the DSi caused by the shock or is this just how dead pixels, if that's what they are, act. The other screens I have seen with big clusters of dead pixels don't change in any way unless they do that dead pixel fixer thing, which has only once worked for me, and it barely did, it was on an old laptop.

    If anyone knows what happened and can explain to me, I would appreciate that. I have been meaning to ask this question for a while.