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Jun 18, 2019
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I realize that if my gripe were a doable thing, it would already have been done, but after searching the net it would appear the issue is more or less abandoned. That notwithstanding, I figured I'd throw my gripe into the mod community.

So, it's possible to find this hard-mod for the DS to get it hooked up to a larger monitor, buuuut the damning feature is the wire stuck hanging out of, the now, poor, sweet, in-portable DS. I assume this was done on purpose, under the pretense that, well, the monitor isn't portable, so it's just not going to be included in the mod's development :/ I don't know how to make electronics of Nintendo caliber, so I want to request a hardware mod if my idea for it is doable.

I want to request a hardware mod for the DS or the DS Lite (I think mine is a Lite, I need to double check) that will provide second screen capability to the device. Since it clearly needs to be a hard-mod I want to specifically request that the portion that is hard modded to the DS have a usb port built in for the cable/cables that will connect it to a second display, keeping the DS more or less portable.
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