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    Jul 11, 2006
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    First off I'd like to state: I am a Retard.

    I was taking apart my DS Lite (Don't ask why) and once I got the back shell off...I decided to put it back on.

    For some reason - I left the volume switch plastic out.

    So, I put it back together to find out: I've got a plastic voulme switch out and my power button is broken.

    I have the task of getting my older cousin to put the volume switch back on for me...one problem with that: I don't have my tri-wing screwdriver.

    Could I leave it like it is a send it to Nintendo for a replacement? (Will they check to see if the volume button is there?)

    Or should I order a new tri-wing screwdriver, then get my cousin to put it back in?

    With the release of Zelda...I want it back as soon as I can [​IMG]