DS lite replacement kit

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    My DS lite has a broken hinge (not the full blown hinge crack, but it's starting). Basically, I have 2 questions. One, would the kit fix my hinge problem? And two, how difficult is it to change to the replacement kit? I see I'd have to buy the screwdriver, but I don't want to attempt this if I'm going to screw it up :/.
  2. Hakoda

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    Is the plastic of the case that's breaking by the hinge or is it the actually hinge module? Its most likely the case itself not the module and so a case replacement would fix the job. Luckily for you GBATemp has a DS Lite disassembly and assembly/ case replacement guide with high res pictures ready for you. Look for it here.
  3. Da Mafia

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    If it's your first time it will be quite difficult. The connectors for the LCD ribbon cables can break very easily if your not careful.
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    As PV above said, exercise caution. Researching what to do is a good idea, and a search on the forums/Google will get you to some threads that will show you how to do it.
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    Wait that's cheap!? I thought they're only that price since forever...
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    Might as well ask my question here, instead of opening a new topic:
    Are the replacement cases like the original ones? do they also have that plastic coating/second layer?
    I bought mine from DX and it doesn't have that smooth feeling unfortunately :/
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    And If I could add on to this asking if the zelda case is an original or just a copy and do they have the glossy layer? although IDK why we are asking these now considering the shop is only 2days old and I doubt anyone has gotten thier order yet.
  8. DeMoN

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    If it's really the "high quality" ones like the DealExtreme ones, then you can rest assured that it is exactly the same as retail, up to the fine print on the backside.