DS Lite not holding charge and erasing user settings

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  1. MegaGenesis

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    Jul 29, 2018
    Hi. My Nintendo DS Lite has beens presenting some weird behaviors lately. I don't play much of my NDS nowdays, and its always been on lowest brightness settings, yet, it seens that the battery has been losing charge much faster now. Its the second time i turned my NDS to a red light, after weeks of not touching it. Two days later, it was totally dead. I plugged the charger, and it started charging, but it wouldn't turn on. Both times it wouldn't turn on. I had to wait a few minutes to be able to turn the console on. In both cases, when the system was on, i had to set all the user setting from scratch again. My user settings had been erased, like it was new from the factory. When its fully charged, i can play for a hour or so all good in green led. Then i turn off and left it for a few days of weeks, and then when i turn it on again its battery is already on red led.

    My DS i is much older, i got it refurbished in 2012. I had to change the battery one time, in 2013, and the upper screen (my fault) last year. Other thing i've been noticing too, is the shell, which started bending. The entire lower shell is a bit twisted, and it was like this before i sent it to repair the upper screen.

    I still can my DS games on my 3DS and smartphone, but i want to know what could been causing this.
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    Sounds like a battery issue. 6 Years is old for a battery.
    If the unit can remember the settings when connected to power, it will be the battery.
  3. KleinesSinchen

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Could be a case of elevated self discharge on aging li-ion battery. To make sure you could try the following:

    Charge the battery for about an hour then disconnect the charger and take out the battery. Wait for some hours and measure the voltage of the battery. Don’t put the battery into the DS again and repeat the measurement some days or even two weeks later.

    If the battery has elevated self discharge you will see a noticeable drop in voltage after some days or two weeks even when not connected to anything that could draw power. Cutoff voltage for automatic shutdown normally is about 3.3V for a single cell.

    Or just replace the battery and see if the issue is gone. These small cells are not expensive.
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    What does the battery look like? If I see bulging shells I tend to wonder if the battery has gone a bit puffy, which also tends to mean a far lower charge capacity and all the other issues you are seeing.

    It could still be something else but starting with the most obvious...
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  5. cimo95

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    Oct 30, 2019
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    why dont buy the battery, i mean buy the broken or any cheap used DS Lite, and get its battery to replace yours.. it seems the problem is just on battery :D
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