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    I still am waiting for my M3 DS Simply. I am also still a total newbie, so please bear with me. When I finaly get this and I put my back-up games on there, can I display box art, or an icon of that game in the interface, when I'm scrolling thru my games list to pick? If I can, which one do I use (box art or icon) and where would I put that particular file image? Also, where can I download box art or icons for the DS games? Thanks in advance.

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    Each ROM has a game icon built in... and the flash cartridge will show that icon automatically. You don't have to save an icon for each game to show in the game list. xD
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    dOoBiX is correct but you can download them in bulk from:
    http://gbarts.free.fr/_Packed/archives.html and most DS header tools links and such also on the link above (you may have to go back to the root of the site) can grab them from the rom.