Dragon quest XI via Google translate

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Anyone else do something like this?

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  3. Hell no! Waste of time

  4. No. Already can read Japanese

  1. phreaksho

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    Oct 27, 2007
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    I recently acquired dragon quest XI for the 3ds and thought instead of just playing it and trying to guess what is going on, (I have absolutely no experience reading any foreign language) I thought about using some translation tools from the net. Downloaded Google translate and tested it out with dq. Although the app didn't translate very well with the auto camera option, taking a snapshot of every piece of dialog worked out pretty well. This caused the beginning of the game to be way longer than it should've, and also resulted in a headache. But I actually knew what was going on dispite all the little things that didn't seem to make since, like words 'me' and 'you' were occasionally swapped and there was the occasional slip that made the items option called 'eggplant' or something like that. I do hope all versions of XI come to the west so I don't have to play the whole game like this:wacko:.

    Overall, thought this was pretty neat and felt like sharing. ^_^
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  2. Abu_Senpai

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    Dude just wait 6-8 months for the official release. It is going to happen i assure you. Just be patient! that is what i intend to do in regards to DQ11.

    DQ 10 on the other hand i am quite concerned about in regards to an official localisation.

    Either ways i hope we see that game brought to the west too within the next 2-3 years.
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