Hacking DOP-Mii, and IOS56 v5662

Dr Awesomo

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Jan 20, 2010
Having looked around, it seems I'm not the only one having trouble with the RockBand 3 error return. The solution seems simple: just patch IOS56 with DOP-Mii.

Alright, that's cool. Here's where I see an issue with that. DOP-Mii 14 seems to be the only version which supports handling IOS56 v5662, which Rockband 3 seems to depends on (I get the 002 error on a legit disc startup if I have anything older than this version). However, DOP-Mii v14 also doesn't seem to support patching of any kind, just installing from NUS.

I thought that maybe this may have been a result of updating to 4.3u so that i may play RB3 to begin with, but that would only make sense if i couldn't restore the trucha bug to IOS36, which (after some messing around with reinstalling cios r20) I managed to do via DOP-Mii. As further evidence everything should be working kipper, DOP-Mii v12 can install all 3 available patches to any IOS available to it's exploit via an IOS that can do such manipulations (Which, as mentioned before, I have...like, 6 of them, too). However v12 doesn't support patching v5662 of IOS56.

NOTE: DOP-Mii v14 isn't officially supported by the developer's site, it seems. So I even tried their latest public edition, v13, and came to the same results.

So my question is simply this:
Is there something I'm missing in DOP-Mii v14, and the fact that it doesn't give me the option to patch any IOS my fault? If so, what am I doing wrong?
Or, are my observations well known among the community, and everyone has just found another way to get the job done which I am unaware of? If that's the case, could someone let me in on it?

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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